Enjoy a full weekend on one of Georgia's Barrier Islands or choose a weekend in the mountains this fall!  Whichever one you choose, all arrangements are made for you and meals are included; all you need to do is show up!  Each Escapade! will include a well-known guest instructor who will present either classroom or in-field instructions, or both, to enhance your photography skills! 

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Discover Escapades!Your all-inclusive excursions to Georgia's Barrier Islands of Sapelo, Cumberland, Jekyll and St. Simons.

Sapelo Island is not one of the Barrier Islands one can just visit on a whim as all visits by non-residents must be prearranged.  Visitors must have a reason to get on the ferry, and this Escapade is the perfect reason!

There is a haunting mystery about Sapelo Island that is almost indescribable…one must experience the island to feel it. The oldest Native American civilization in the state of Georgia can be found on Sapelo Island.  A portion of Sapelo Island’s residents today are direct descendants of the 400 slaves from West Africa and the West Indies brought to the US by Thomas Spalding and, if you speak with them, they will proudly tell you what generation they are! Join us October 2-4, 2015  FOR DETAILS AND REGISTRATION...


Ah, Jekyll Island...your nearest faraway place!

Join Guest Instructor, Robert Stephens, and I for two nights and three days on the gorgeous Georgia Barrier Island...Jekyll Island!  

From sunrise, to sunset, explore all the gifts this island has to offer from her beaches, the river, and everything in between. Escapade dates are September 18-20, 2015.  FOR DETAILS AND REGISTRATION...


Autumn Stream IIAutumn Stream II Autumn in Helen, GA

Nearly every photographer of any ilk makes the annual trek to the mountains in the fall, so why not you?

Enjoy the fabulous fall colors, waterfalls and streams and all that the area has to offer photographers from October 30 - November 1, 2011!  You will be staying at the Unicoi State Park & Lodge which offers 2-bedroom cabins and full kitchens for your convenience, however, most meals are provided.  Guest instructor, Robert Stephens, will be joining us for the weekend and will offer both a workshop and instructional field trip.  FOR DETAILS AND REGISTRATION...

Check back for more Escapades to Tybee Island, Sapelo in the Spring and more....coming very soon!






Meet Robert Stephens...

Robert Stephenson

Photography is my passion - nature is my refuge. Combine the two, and that is where I am most at peace.

I am a self-taught photographer and writer who has taken many landscape photos on my travels through the Southeast United States over the past seven years, and I chronicled those travels in two self-published books. Recently I have sought to take my passion to a higher level, with a thirst for not only seeking out beautiful, unique, and dramatic vistas, but also a quest for never ending improvement in my work. My images have been used by various entities such as Honda and Roanoke Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau, and published in magazines including Landscape Photography Magazine, Blue Ridge Country, and Golden Isles Magazine

These are just a few examples of Robert's gorgeous work.  You can see more on his Facebook page Solitary Traveler Photography